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Founded in 2004, Euphoria Software is a dynamic, energetic business that has worked extensively to design flawless applications.

We are a team of highly skilled developers, passionate designers, expert technicians and committed account managers. With our detailed understanding of the latest business technologies, our focus is to design and develop systems of the highest quality that enable our customers to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers, suppliers and employees alike.

Our clients are actively involved from inception to completion. Once development commences, clients are provided with a login to our project management software. This enables clients to track the progress of the work at any point.

The end result is rock solid technology that you can rely on!
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Why Custom Software

Custom software compared to off the shelf products, is built specifically to your needs, whilst off the shelf products may require you to change your business processing to make use of the software. Custom Software uses your already defined and successful procedures to streamline and increase business growth