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Corporate Applications

We have extensive experience in the conception of corporate systems for our diverse range of clients.
Supplier Vetting Applications
  • Centre for Supplier Development
  • First National Bank
  • Rennies Travel
  • Pinnacle
Client, supplier or staff management systems
  • NBM Group
  • Taminuel Investments
  • PnP Media
  • Alusani Training
  • Corporate Leap
All API integration
  • Sage One
  • Live Chat Inc
  • Google All API
  • Samsung PBX
  • SysPro, SAP, Pastel, QuickBooks
Data Correlation and Precision Reporting
  • African Alliance
  • Alusani Training
  • Cell u Save
  • MoDa Shoes
  • Eseka Services
Payroll, Automated billing
  • NBM Group
  • Taminuel Investments
  • Eseka Services
  • Chat Marshal
Work Order Management
  • Ellies
  • PnP Media
  • Supplier Development
  • Consulting Occupational Hygienists
  • Cell u Save
  • Support Forever

Mission Critical Systems

Need to run your business on a bespoke comprehensive system
Stock trading applications
  • FineWine Futures Exchange
  • Development Bank
Health and medical systems
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Pharma Dynamics
BEE Management
  • NERA
  • Honeycomb BEE
  • Muthelo
Reporting systems
  • Rennies Travel
  • African Alliance
  • First National Bank (FNB)
  • Probe Batteries
Flight & Guest Management
  • Sasol
  • Sony Entertainment
  • SAA,¬†British Airways
Tolling Systems
  • Kapsch Traffic Coms
  • Mariannhill Toll Plaza
  • Hugenot Tunnel Toll Plaza
  • Democratic Republic of Congo – N1
  • Ghana Highways Authority

Bespoke development

Have an idea that needs top class development
Ideabox Development
  • Sheq Forum
  • Simply Asia – East Gate
  • Ellies
  • Corporate Leap Sustainability
  • OutThere SA
  • Mega Free
  • The Meeting Place
  • Cell u Save
  • Collate
Intelligent Web Scraping
  • Eseka Services
  • Content Filtering
  • Ring Fencing Internet Sites
Bill parsing
  • Cell u Save
  • MTN bill parsing
  • Cell C bill parsing
  • Vodacom bill parsing
  • Telkom bill parsing
Domain Data creation
  • domains
  • .com domains

Human task replacement

Save costs and increase productivity! Better utilise your staff by taking time consuming, manual tasks and automating them.
Monthly Invoicing
  • PnP Media
  • Honeyfields
  • NBM Group
  • Eseka Services
  • Sales Leader
  • Project Room
  • Digital Activation
Staff Work Assignments
  • Sony
  • HRG Rennies Travel
  • PnP
  • Kapsch
Sales Automation
  • Eseka
  • Probe Batteries
  • Afriseek
  • The Financial Statement Co
Staff KPI assessments
  • De Beers
Divisional work triggers
  • Ensuring tasks are triggered across various departments

SQL Server development

Store and retrieve your information with our intelligent SQL Server systems.
Indexing and Performance
  • A standard procedure for all development we do
Data Transformation Services
  • Automate data transfers correctly
All API integration
  • API Creation
  • API Calling
Reporting Services
  • African Alliance
  • Alusani Training
  • Cell u Save
  • MoDa Shoes
  • African Alliance

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